We've been in outsourcing service for more than two decades now. We were there when nobody was around, and we're still going strong since 1999. We have had situations with clients and have continuously refined our internal operations, service quality and communication with the help of learnings of all these years. We have a very strong team bond, where we share a lot of things – good and bad. That's what keeps us on our toes to ensure to excel at what we do – while we continuously learn from our mistakes. We are a perfect blend of young minds and experienced veterans in the industry. With 50+ people working with Powersoft for more than 8 years, our average age of the team is still below 28. This is absolutely great sign for driving great ideas backed by even greater minds. For more about us – please visit

No. They don't rely 100% on you for generic cases. Most of the time and more often than not – they’ll find out the solution by seeking advice, consulting and technical help from their peers, supervisors and experienced members within the team. However, the more the team knows about long term goals and you treat them as your own team, the better they can perform. All and every expectation shared during the early stage of engagement ensures meeting them over a period easier. Nobody likes surprises and it’s the communication at an appropriate time that can cover it up.

Certainly. The pricing in terms of number is not a difficult. However – as you’d expect, it is not JUST about the price and quote only. The core benchmark of pricing depends on lot of factors such as composition of team, experience level required and type of engagement as well as the length of minimum commitment for the contract. Most critically – the actual solution that needs to be developed plays a vital role here. It depends a lot on whether the solution has to be built form ground up or work is required on a system that's already built and is live. In both cases, there are many discussions that need to happen in order to craft a perfect and transparent cost model.

Certainly. We will share our holiday calendar upon initiation process - and will also keep you informed a week in advance for any public holiday.

Absolutely. This is totally possible. We can arrange for the developer(s) to visit your country and stay there to work with your team for a period. In such cases, you have to bear the costs of Visa, travel, accommodation and per diem expenses on top of their monthly fee. This can be discussed and may vary on a case-to-case basis.

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